Algarve Cruising Center school belongs to a NPO – Associação para o Estudo e Conservação dos Oceanos. Meaning that any school profits are targeted to conservation and / our conservation projects.

This year we decided that by joining us as a student, you are contributing directly with 150€ of your total enrollment fee to the “Ocean literacy project”, that aims to raise awareness about the impact of micro plastics in the oceans.

In this project we partnered with CCMAR – University of the Algarve to collect water samples, analyse them to tag different types of plastics, and later, present this information in local schools to explain how pressuring this problem is for the overall environment and discuss with the students ways to change individual behaviours.

During 2021 we plan to visit 25 schools, reaching out 1500 students.

All thanks to YOU!

Get to know more about this project at here>>

Many thanks for your contribution.