IYT Sailing courses Algarve, Portugal

Why choose IYT?

First IYT School in Portugal

IYT has developed a modular format in maritime training to offer a series of recreational nautical courses that are accepted by major national registries and governments. We refer to this series of courses as the “International Boating & Sailing Passport.” This has enabled us to successfully establish a network of partner schools offering IYT courses worldwide and has been enthusiastically embraced by a growing number of schools, countries and administrations. Candidates have the convenience of full-time, evening or weekend participation coupled with the ability to choose a convenient location.

Our certificates are accepted by major yacht charter companies and many insurance companies offer discounted premiums to those who hold IYT qualifications. It is important to understand that an IYT certificate is a qualification that can be used globally. Unlike other training organisations, IYT insists on an understanding of IALA regulations in areas A & B, weather systems and tidal calculations in the north & southern hemispheres.

Why choose IYT?

  • No other yacht certification authority is as international recognised
  • No other yachting company offers such a diverse range of courses
  • Every IYT (COC) course requires a practical on-the-water examination
  • No other national yachting marine certification authority has a recognised ISO quality management system
  • No other organisation offers its courses in multiple different languages
  • No other yachting organisation has been built by professional mariner
  • No other yachting company offers high security certificates with QR code, hologram, photograph and signature strip
  • No other yachting organisation offers its approved instructors & examiners the opportunity to work in 56 different countries
  • IYT has been built on a “can do” attitude where nothing is too much trouble and every opportunity is explored

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