Living aboard Skipper

Living aboard Skipper training

New Living aboard Skipper training – 2021

This Living aboard course is our new combination of courses that will give you what you need to go island hopping or just sail around the world.

Don’t take the risk to get trapped into diesel bug without know what to do. And about riggings checking, passage planing or go on port at night?

We create this course for those with de call for being full time Living Aboard Cruisers.


1 -Get the international certifications / stay legal

2- Learn the necessary skills

3- do it in 18 days on a tidal place / warm and sunny place

Come aboard on our Swan 411 and dive into 18 days learning the essentials of Cruising and Living aboard styles.  This course includes 1 module of Cruising the Balearics and Cruising the Leeward Islands in the Carib.

Be the skipper in charge on a passage over the night.

Increase your confortável zone and gain the requirements to sail around the world in safety.

Find more about this course here>>

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