Sailing towards Gibraltar and Ceuta

The Golf of Cadiz – The gate to the Mediterranean Sea is such a challenging and iconic passage that the crossing from the Golf of Cadiz towards Gibraltar is one of the most wanted mile building trips. Before getting to Gibraltar, the British rock located near Spain, right in the middle of two continents we can make several stops, though. The trip will be tailored according to the crew wishes and the weather forecast, nevertheless we can introduce you to some of most desirable options. Departing from Olhão next waypoint – Trafalgar’s lighthouse area.

Already in Spanish territory we can visit Cadiz either to indulge with the city’s fantastic tapas or to wonder around one of the oldest towns in the western Europe or Barbate has a long history of fishing and we are always lucky enough to get a tuna while passing by. As a stop over the town has an attractive central square “Plaza de la Inmaculada” that gathers the “movida” in the small settlement and a great protected marina (nice showers) that will surely provide a good night sleep.

Arriving Gibraltar you will feel the peace of entering a picturesque remote location, an ironic feeling though, considering that the passage will be a heartbeat raising experience with big ships crossing grey, windy and sometimes turbulent seas.

We like to stay on the Spanish side – La Linea. Tapas are closer from Alcaidesa Marina.

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