The Algarve

Roughly 5 miles away from the capital of the Algarve and 10 from Faro International Airport, Olhão is a booming city. At a glance, this may seem a city stopped in time, with its traditional market, dubious architecture and ubiquitous seafood and “tapas” shops. But to really figure out this original algarvian seaside town, requires the tenacity to lay back into an anything-goes attitude.

After eating grilled fish or other traditional one-pot recipe on the promenade, licking an ice-cream on the beach or collecting clams in the lagoon with your trousers rolled up, you will be able to understand why Olhão is establishing itself as the Algarve’s coolest traditional town.

Its inhabitants have a very rich past (and present) related to fisheries and it won’t be difficult for you to find compatriots of yours (no matter your origin) that live in the city or in the surroundings. This fruitful, sunny and peaceful area is becoming holy ground for a growing community of expats. There’s a good nod to the city’s welcoming credentials – get lost, swap recipes or try to borrow something. Above all, don’t limit yourself, we surely know that friendliness can mean different things to different people, but as you will see the strong sense of community holds hands with a intrinsic desire to promote good-feelings among visitors.

When you arrive, we can surely tell you more details about the history of the city, take you to visit the peer where caíque, a traditional boat called “Bom Sucesso“, rests after an adventurous sail through the Atlantic. In the meanwhile, keep in mind that annually in Augusts’ first weekend the population celebrates the Our Lady of Sailors: as the Algarve’s self-proclaimed sea capital, it’s sure to be one heck of a party!

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