Navigation Master

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  • Navigation Master Training

Navigation Master shorebased

The Navigation Master shorebased is a  good preparation for a practical course with navigation and chart work.

A stand alone course designed to enable the offshore mariner to safely navigate extended passages using traditional methods. It includes practical navigation exercises and sample chartwork calculations.

  • Chart work instruments
  • The magnetic compass, variation and deviation
  • The Breton plotter
  • NOAA charts
  • Admiralty charts
  • Small craft charts
  • Projection
  • Scales
  • Horizontal datum
  • Units of measurement
  • Datum of soundings
  • Charted heights
  • Chart numbers
  • Source diagram
  • Editions and dates
  • Large scale charts
  • Notes, warnings, cautions
  • Detailed chart information
  • Nautical chart symbols and abbreviations
  • Angles and degrees
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Defining a position
  • Chart work convections
  • Distance, speed, time and direction
  • Position by bearing and distance
  • Magnetic north
  • Compass error
  • Causes of deviation
  • Applying variation and deviation
  • The deviation card
  • Compass error
  • The hand bearing compass
  • Position lines and position fixes
  • Bearings at sea
  • Range/transit’s
  • Sectored lights
  • Clearing lines
  • Running fixes
  • Dead reckoning and estimated positions
  • The navigation log book
LOCAL Faro – training room
DURATION 9:30-1830 | lunch 12:30-13:30
Private tuition Charts
Coffee break Material


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