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Overview Mile Building Gibraltar

UPDATE: wnow we have a dedicated website for Mile Building and Sailing Expeditions.

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Mile Building Gibraltar: we will leave Faro and travel South-East towards Barbate crossing the Golf of Cadiz. In Spanish territory we can visit Cadiz either to indulge with the city’s fantastic tapas or to wonder around one of the oldest towns in the western Europe.

Another option to stop is Barbate. This village has a long history of fishing – the tuna Capital! Maybe you´ll have a chance to get a tuna while passing by… try it.

As a stop over the town has an attractive central square “Plaza de la Inmaculada” that gathers the “movida” in the small settlement and a great protected marina (nice showers) that will surely provide a good night sleep.

Arriving Gibraltar you will feel the peace of entering a picturesque remote location, an ironic feeling though, considering that the passage will be a heartbeat raising experience with big ships crossing grey, windy and sometimes turbulent seas. We like to stay on the Spanish side – La Linea. Tapas are closer from Alcaidesa Marina.

The passage to Ceuta is short but challenging. Crossing the straight is unique.

On the sail back to Olhão we´ll do a night passage. This mile building covers approximately 300 miles.

Our trip will be tailored according weather forecast, nevertheless we can introduce you to some of most desirable options.

We are sailing towards Gibraltar. This doesn’t means that we will reach Gibraltar. We like to sail. We do not like to motor all the time.

I can’t control the wind but I can adjust the sail.
― Ricky Skaggs


You should be able to take a night watch, learn how to work with AIS, radar, plotter and chart work.

Mile building Gibraltar can help you build up your miles and give you night sailing experience. This is one of the requirements for IYT, ASA and RYA qualifications.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Olhão Marina, Algarve, Portugal
CHECK-IN 9:00 a.m.
8 nights onboard 8 lunches
3 evening meals 8 breakfast
Lifejackets Towels
Bedding Water
Alcoholic drinks
Meals ashore
Travel insurance

Typical Mile Building Gibraltar Itinerary:


300NM / 2 night sailing

Boat available: Oceanis 40>>


Day 1: Check in Olhão

Check in at Marina de Olhão at 9:00 on day 1. After a safety briefing and a nice lunch ashore, we’ll be sailing towards Barbate, the capital of the tuna. On the way maybe we’ll catch some tunas. This is a 110 NM passage so the ETA is 20 hours after departure.


Day 2 & 3: Barbate & La Linea

Arriving on day 2 to Barbate lunch time. Time walk to the village and know the best tuna restaurants in Spain. On day 3 we’ll be sailing to Gibraltar. Normally we stay at La Linea Marina because showers are so big and the city its so beautiful to explore. If you want you can take a tour to see the monkeys on the top of the rock in Gibraltar side.


Day 4 & 5: Crossing the straight

Crossing the straight of Gibraltar its the highlight of this trip. We will be crossing a TSS and landing in Ceuta. Time to relax and walk around Ceuta. Next day we will be sailing back to Barbate, Cadiz our straight to Faro, according to the time.


Day 6 & 7: Depends on weather

Sail back to Faro, Algarve. If you still have time we can sail to Cadiz or the Guadiana River. This decision is made by the skipper according to the weather forecast and time left. Another option is to sail back to the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve and enjoy a nice dinner ashore at Culatra Island.


Day 8: Check out Olhão

Check out around 12:00 in Olhão after cleaning the boat and fill up log books.


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