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  • Bareboat Skipper

    Bareboat Skipper Course

    The International Bareboat Skipper Course is a practical and professionally run sailing course – automatically qualifies for the ICC.

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • Fastrack Bareboat Skipper

    Fastrack Bareboat Skipper

    An intensive 10 day course that will take the novice and develop the skills required to become a Bareboat Skipper competent to charter a sailing boat in Greece, Croatia and any other charter destination.

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  • IYT Yachtmaster Coastal Sail

    It is a comprehensive live aboard course consisting of six days for sail, which includes the practical on water examination.


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  • Navigation Master Training

    Navigation Master

    A stand alone course designed to enable the offshore mariner to safely navigate extended passages using traditional methods. It includes practical navigation exercises and sample chartwork calculations.

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  • Powerboat Skipper

    Boats up to 24m | 20 miles offshore

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