Transfers & accommodation in the Algarve

July 5, 2020

Transfers & accomodation

You have 3 options to reach Faro and Olhão Marina:

  1. UBER – cost around 10 euros
  2. Taxi – around 20 euros
  3. Transfers company – between 8-14 euros

We recommend>>


Companies flying to Faro International Airport

Link to Faro International Airport >>


If you arrive earlier than the boarding date or just want to leave some days after, we will be more thank happy to find you where to stay. Faro and Olhão have plenty of hotels, hostels and other budget accommodation, just email us the dates and your expectations.

If you are doing a Powerboat course you want to be close to the city center – Faro Marina. If you are doing a sailing course or a sailing expedition you want to be  close to Olhão Marina. Although you can stay in Faro even if you are starting your course in Olhão. A taxi from Faro to Olhão takes 15 minutes.

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