Sailing Expeditions in the Med and Atlantic

Ive got my Bareboat Skipper license and now?!

Either I buy a yacht or I invite myself sailing on a friends yacht or I do another IYT yachting course.

At Algarve Cruising Center we offer mile-building with experienced instructors that will slowly move away from teaching and into coaching, helping you to learn and build experience the best way possible, by making your own mistakes! 

Our Sailing Expeditions trips are scattered throughout the year and include sailing expeditions to Marroco, Cadiz, Guadiana River and Balearics. From short passages up to longer ocean passages in the North Atlantic in our Mile Building events.

After you’ve learnt what you need to know and practiced it for real, you might want to improve your sailing skills and learn black and white photography. 

At Algarve Cruising Center we see our role as wide ranging. We love to see our students progress seamlessly through the IYT syllabus from a novice IYT International Yacht Crew candidate to a confident and experienced IYT Yachtmaster.

Find our Sailing Expeditions dedicated website at

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