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Sailing Expedition – the west coast of the Algarve

Private expedition

The middle of the ocean is a very special place filled with a wild beauty. A beauty so dramatic and fantastical, it almost seems surreal. With no sight of land, Mother Nature really comes alive, whether it’s with a thunder and lightning storm that shakes you to the core, or a sunrise so vivid it looks more like a painting.

Find great spots to anchor and swim, beautiful beaches to land and explore fantastic unspoiled villages to visit. Dolphins, sea birds, turtles might be spoted.

Algarve will give new meaning to sailing freely because you are not limited by other people. On the contrary, they are so numerous that every choice is the right choice. Then you can experience true freedom. The distance, route and duration of your sailing route become your allies, and the indented islands will almost always provide a good berth and/or good fun.

This voyage is much more than sailing. Its sailing and enjoying yourself!

Sail in the Algarve with 300 days of sun per year!

LOCATION Olhão Marina
Private expedition Water
Lunch 2 evening meals

Single supplement 200€ | Private Expedition

Spectacular rock formation visit by the sea.

Find more about sailing west of the Algarve here>>



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