Salty Chats with Peter Schlumpf

February 5, 2021
Salty Chats

Salty Chats with Peter Schlumpf.

In the middle of the night the autopilot failed before we arrive to Las Palmas, because there was water inside the boat that hit the electrics

First SALTY CHATS with Peter Schlumpf, owner of a Hanse 415 the recently did an Atlantic crossing. Great sailor, adventurer, explorer and team mate.

Salt spices up flavours. Both for food and real life. Our salty chats are about stories and dreams. A collection of adventures in the past and in the future tenses. About how so many of us have chosen to cross the ocean to see the other side, but ended up discovering what’s inside. Our storytellers are united by their differences, following their own salty courses.

Also the link for Peter´s blog


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